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AntiagePrescription® is about helping you to realize that you don’t have to accept the fact that your health, appearance and function must deteriorate with ‘age’. It is a collection of information and research all in one place that you will not find anywhere else. It is all science-backed, research-driven, coming from the field of “Antiaging” or better “Age Management” Medicine, which is dedicated to maintaining and restoring your look and vitality, as well as preventing degenerative diseases.

AntiagePrescription® isn’t just for the elderly, it’s for everyone, including young people. You might assume grey hair and wrinkles are the first signs of aging, but your internal organs are worn out long before you look old. Scientific studies suggest that aging starts around mid ’20s. However, how you treat your body is what will make a difference in the long term. Wellbeing is a verb. The focus of AntiagePrescription® is on giving you the tweaks and changes to slow down the aging process, improve the quality of your life and enhance your wellbeing: from energy and sleep, to concentration, memory, mood, libido and sexual function, nutrition, muscle tone, skin and hair. 10% of aging is genetic, the rest is in your control.

Meet Dr. Valeria Acampora

Valeria Acampora“I am a Medical Doctor who challenges the accepted model of aging. I want to show you how to age well and to make a different in your life. I want to empower you to proactively plan for a longer, healthy life”.

What ennobles Dr. Acampora’s blog, “Antiage Prescription”, is that everything she writes is pegged to the most au courant research that comes her way from medical and scientific journals, newsletters and the antiaging medicine conferences she attends throughout the year.

After working for many years as a Radiologist in hospital, Dr. Valeria Acampora realised that there was something important missing in Conventional Medicine: she was helping her patients to live longer but not healthier. She had been taught in medical school to focus on a patient’s chief complaints and to mitigate their symptoms. But, then, she found herself becoming increasingly frustrated. “I felt like I was performing diagnostic tests, writing a lot of prescriptions, seeing people to discuss what was wrong with them but I wasn’t helping them to live well. I was just adding more years to their lives spent with chronic illnesses and disabilities”. So Valeria went back to study and acquired the scientific background as well as extensive skills to practice Antiaging Medicine, and she’s been practicing Antiaging Medicine ever since. “Conventional Medicine focuses on illness, Antiaging Medicine focuses on health. Antiaging Medicine expanded my perspective and broadened my view about health and how to cultivate wellbeing. I realized increasing “longevity” may not significantly increase “healthy lifespan” and so “Successful Aging” became my goal”.

My motto:

“We should never feel embarassed about getting older, but celebrate each passing year in style. Staying healthy and looking our very best is the key!”

Dr. Valeria Acampora

Why antiage prescription is unique – My values: Accountability, Empowerment, Quality, Kindness, Growth.

By Dr. Valeria Acampora

I launched this website with the intent of create online accountability in the world of “antiaging”. There is a lot of quackery and hucksterism in the anti-aging industry. Again, it all started with my own experience as a practising Medical Doctor. I noticed how many were the new patients, I was meeting on a daily basis, who were refusing, as a matter of principle, medications or lifestyle recommendations, with well-characterized efficacy, while at the same time they were turning to supplements and/or other “remedies” discovered on the internet, they felf safer, which, instead, were unregulated, untested, unstandardised and of unknown effects.

How ironic but very dangerous is this? Internet users are plagued on a daily basis with advertising on “the newest or ultimate” diet, skin care product, drug, technology, supplement, etc, promoted to be the “fountain of youth”. And the majority of these promoters are not even Physicians! Numerous sites and companies gain followers by soliciting celebrities who themselves may be conned by the quack, or are simply out to make money.

The reality is that very few medical innovations and discoveries are effective. The multitude of behavioral, environmental, and genetic interactions that determine the tremendous heterogeneity in how we all age, makes the topic very complex. My goal is to empower and enable people, through scientific, evidence-based, well documented by peer-reviewed journals, data, to make safe and reliable choices. We can definitely aim to achieve successful aging but, first of all, the quality of our choices is the essential key.

Antiage Prescription focus exclusively on quality content and strive to provide its customers with the finest information which is useful and accurate all the time.  Kindness is another of my value. In an era where people are overwhelmed with sales pushes, ad pop-ups, and email requests, I aim to deliver a cutting-edge, new experience: digital altruism and cyber-kindness. This model – notably, the first of its kind – delineates three separable components of kindness: giving away free content, to as many people as possible, based on high valuable, specialist information they wouldn’t find easily anywhere else; respecting my customers by fighting email marketing abuse; valuing the relationship with my customers through constantly listening to their need and through empathetic responsivity.

This last concept lead to growth. I’m always on a mission in bettering myself as a physician to improve people lives and to help them become the best verison of themselves. So stay tuned, the best is yet to come.


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