Colorescience®This luxury mineral makeup line is the first one that improves your look and and your skin health at the same time. Originally crafted for vulnerable post-procedure skin, COLORESCIENCE® is a Clinician dispensed only mineral makeup that uses pure, high quality ingredients with a focus on skin health, both for men and women.

Unlike traditional makeup which is oil based, irritating and promotes disease, COLORESCIENCE® is formulated to compliment a physician’s skincare regime and assist in restoring skin health. COLORESCIENCE® health-forward formulas have improved millions of lives by providing confidence and reassurance to people of all ages, skin types, and concerns. All products offer protection against UV rays and other environmental stressors.

The Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50® is a favourite of many celebrities and of many of my patients too!

If you wish to purchase any of the COLORESCIENCE® products, please email We will responde in 24 hours in working days.